Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun stuff

Towards the end of our trip to Maine, Megan told this to her Grandma Call. Speaking of her cousin, "Me and Maddie have developed a fondness for each other." She and Maddie were indeed good friends during our trip.

Michael came down the stairs with his homework sheet, and with a sad voice said, "Math is really hard today." When I asked what it was, his face broke into a grin, and his eyes widened and he said (his voice oozing with joy), "Prime factorization!" Later as he worked he said, "too bad we can't use exponents. It would make it so much easier."

The other day Liz was telling about memorizing some of the scripture mastery verses for seminary. Joking, Nathan said, "1 Nephi 2:15 should be a scripture master." (He likes tat it is so short. "And my father dwelt in a tent.") I said something like, "It is short, but it must be important because Nephi included it."
      Liz then said, "I always thought it was interesting that Lehi could live in a tent, and it was probably really small, and he had some really spiritual experiences there."
      Nathan followed with, "I thought about it a different way. I always thought it was to show how much Lehi was willing to give up. He left a big house and riches and was willing to live in a tent in the wilderness."
     I hate to admit how old I was before I thought about this verse enough to learn these same lessons.

Monday, June 22, 2015

My heart is full

This morning I took a bath. While I was relaxing in the warm water for a bit I heard my teenagers (the ones from the last post). They were working together to bake banana bread. They had Piano Guys music playing and they were chatting and laughing together. I can't even express how grateful I am for these two kids. They are amazing, and even though they can bug each other at times, they really get along well. And that good relationship blesses our whole family.

About a month or so ago I was talking with my grandma and grandpa. We were talking about kids and instruments. They asked how everyone was doing on the piano and we talked about Liz's flute and Nathan's violin. Then, knowing how my grandpa loved playing the trumpet, I told him how Michael was looking forward to starting the trumpet in 7th grade (still a full year away). A little bit later he said, "I have a trumpet that I bought after high school that I would like to give you." He asked me to make sure MIChael knew that if he changed his mind, Grandpa would not be disappointed. When we brought it home and opened the case, Michael's arms went straight into the air in a gesture of victory. I wish I could describe how Mike's eyes light up whenever he is working on the trumpet.

Saturday we had a BBQ with all of the CHantry family. Don and Sue will leave this week for a 23 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are serving at the MTC in the Philippines. It was so good to be with family. We got some nice pictures, and had the chance to be silly too. We added it to our bank of wonderful memories.

Yesterday was Fathers' Day. My dad had a lot going on this weekend. I was so grateful for the chance to talk to him for a few minutes and to know that all went well for him and mom the last couple of days. I am so grateful for them both. Together they created a wonderful home for me to grow up in, and now that I am married I better understand what the example of their relationship has done for me.

Fathers' Day at our house was a simple affair. The kids made cards and wrote notes. We had dinner together. Brian was able to be at church with us after filling some other assignments. He sat with the kids at church, while I sat on the stand because I was speaking. I was so grateful to know that he was there to support me(I was more nervous than I thought I would be.) There was not any big fanfare for him, which I know he prefers, but I wish there were words sufficient to express my love and gratitude for him. He is so good. He works so hard and teaches our kids to do the same. He wants nothing more than to serve God, whether that is at home, or in church callings and assignments. His service brings a wonderful spirit into our home. He helps me to be better every day.

Oh, how important family is.

Friday, June 12, 2015

We have teenagers

Something happened on Monday with Liz and Nathan that I really wish I had on video, but I don't. I do want to try to remember it though because it was so funny.

Nathan was leaving to a week away at a scout leadership camp (Liz would be leaving the next morning your YW camp). We had read scriptures as a family, then had family prayer, and the kids were giving Brian and I their usual hugs. Nathan was also giving Megan and Michael hugs. Then he put his arms around Liz. Liz gave him a bit of a sideways glance, put her hand on his chest and straightened her arm, slowly pushing him away until he was an arm's distance away.

Nathan flashed a big smile and open his arms wide, silently asking, "Can't your brother give you a hug before he leaves for a week?" Then Liz reached out and patted him on the head, which was even funnier because he had his boots on and was a good inch taller than her.

I looked at Brian and we just laughed. Yep, we have teenagers!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Megan's note to dad

A few weeks ago Megan was so excited. She had made a neat card for Brian. The card was more of a little book with several pages. There were pockets with little pictures in them, pages with borders, pages with notes. One of hte notes said,

Dear Dad,
I love you! You are the best other than mom.
Love, Megan

We loved this note and couldn't help but laugh.

Black Top Boogie - Movin' to the Movies

Today the elementary school held their dance festival. They have been working and planning for it for months. This year they chose a movie theme: each dance went along with a genre of movies. It was an adventurous day, as the forecast said that it would rain most of the day. They actually performed twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.Both performances started off with a light drizzle. The morning performance ended with quite a bit of rain, but the afternoon one was much better. (I am glad I made it to both, something went wrong and I didn't get video of Mike's grade in the morning, so I was excited about the chance to record it in the afternoon.)

Megan and the third grade highlighted the Comedy. They were all minions and danced to Happy from Despicable Me. I love her bright blue sneakers. They helped me keep track of her in the sea of yellow shirts.

Mike and the fifth grade paid tribute to the sci-fi movie and danced to Men in Black. He really got into the dance. It was fun to watch him come out of his shell. He was super excited about his break dance section in the middle of the song. (Mike is in shorts with a black hat turned backwards and sneakers with bright greenish-yellow.)

It was a fun day, and even worth getting wet in the rain. What a fun way to kick off the last week of school!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Peek into Michael's brain

Last week Mike came home from school. I asked how his day was. He shrugged and said, "Okay." I asked why it wasn't great. He said, "we didn't have math today, and we had to watch a movie.' I couldn't help but smile.

Last night as Brian and I were heading to bed I heard noise coming from the boys' room. I peeked in to see Mike sitting up in bed with papers. I asked what he was doing and he hung his head and said, "math." (I think he thought he was in trouble.) I asked if it was homework he forgot to do. "No, I was just writing out big numbers and dividing them." Can't get mad at a kid for doing math by the dim light that comes from the hall. In order to help him know I wasn't angry I told him about the math stuff I used to think about as I was trying to fall asleep. (It also kind of reminded me of when, as a little girl I would climb in my closet and read with the door closed so I wouldn't disturb my sister.)

I don't think Mike's brain ever stops working. I can't wait to see what he does when he gets older.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fasting for Water

For a Faith in God requirement, Megan wrote this story about a principle of the gospel. She chose the principle of fasting.

Fasting for Water
by Megan Chantry

         There was a girl named Megan who lived in Utah. That winter they didn't get very much snow. She got to play outside. It was fun not to wear a coat. In the winter she got to swing, play basketball, play baseball and other fun games.
         People got worried because there was not much water for the summer. We need water to grow plants, to wash, to drink and to take care of animals. The stake president asked everyone to fast for water. Megan chose to fast for water.
          She fasted for water and her family did too. It rained that very day. Then the next day it snowed. And the next day it rained again. It was a lot of rain. Megan learned that Heavenly Father and Jesus will listen to our fast and will give us what we need. 

She read this story for us for Family Home Evening last night. It reminded me of the Sunday night that we had fasted. It was after dinner and the kids were getting ready for bed. Megan ran downstairs and said, "Fasting for water really did help!" What a wonderful lesson to learn.

This is a picture taken the day after our fast. Every snowflake and every raindrop, whether in the mountains or valleys was an answer to fasting and prayer.