Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fishing and Fun

So last weekend Brian went with his dad and some of his brothers down to Southern California to go deep sea fishing. He had a pretty good time and actually caught some fish (which Jen enjoyed eating). And he did the one thing Jen instructed him to do. "Don't fall off the boat!" Hopefully pictures will be coming soon.

Brian's sweet mom came down Friday and took me and kids to her place for the weekend. She had rented the Molly: An American Girl movie for Liz. Liz brought Molly along and they both enjoyed the movie. Liz is like her mom though and said, "That wasn't really like the books." The boys got to see Grandpa's new motorcycle and Megan spent some special tiem with Aunt Jenalee. Saturday we had lunch at Pizza Factory and then played at the aracde. Grandma got a bunch of tokens and the kids played skeeball and some other kids games. We even had a free game of minigolf. It was a really fun morning. Grandma is wonderful!

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