Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Good News

Some of you may know that Nathan failed his vision screening at school. I found out through a letter in the mail from the school. So I got the earliest appointment possible and we took him in this morning. I never really worried about him having the optic atrophy that I have (as well as Liz, my dad, my siblings and my nephew) but I had one small moment of panic this morning as we were waiting to go to the doctor. Brian and I have been looking forward to Nathan's 16th birthday since we found out about Liz's eyes! Anyway, the report was good. His optic nerve his healthy and the right glasses correct him to 20/20. He was really a good boy and is excited about glasses.

On a different, yet related, note we think we have a diagnosis for what Liz and I have. Her doctor gave us this diagnosis 5+ years ago, but truthfully I didn't think much of it. I wrote it ona piece of paper, and have come across that paper countless times in the last five years. My younger sister has been living in Boston and earlier this year saw an eye doctor. He gave her a dignosis as well and it was the same one Liz's doctor gave her. So I have thought more about it. The name of it is Kjer's optic neuropathy or dominant optic atrophy. Here is a link:

Now ona completely unrelated topic, here are some cute pictures I took of the kids a couple of weekends ago. Enjoy!

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denise said...

Jen, your family is absoulutely adorable! i love you so much! Aunt Denise