Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Girls

Saturday we celebrated the March birthdays. Brian's mom and dad took the girls to an early breakfast, then Grandpa had a meeting to go to, but Grandma stayed for the party. These are videos of the girls opening stuff from them (and aunts and uncles too). we loved the reactions from the girls. Grandpa, enjoy! Thanks Don and Sue for all you did for the girls, and for Brian and I too.
Megan: some of our favorite parts "I get to be Chloe", "Aaahhhh", and "Now I can sell my bike"

Opening up the scooter! Megan is so grown up!
Liz: some of our favorite parts "HANNAH MONTANA!", Liz loves the container and "There are a thousand beads!"
Liz loves the beads. She is pretty grown up too.
Liz, Chloe and Megan. Sure enough Chloe and Megan match!


Michelle said...

Liz looks so grown up! I'm glad you had fun.

denise said...

How very cute!! What an awesome family you have. i love you.