Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Break

Our Christmas break was really nice. Brian was home for the full two weeks that the kids had off of school. Mostly we were just home, but we had some adventures.

1 - The BYU Museum of Art is having a Carl Bloch exhibit. It was incredible to take the kids to see the huge paintings of the Savior. It was fun for them because they recognized many of the paintings. There was a quotation from Carl Bloch on the wall as you walked into the exhibit that I really loved. "God helps me - that's what I think, and then I am calm." What a great thought! It is something we can all remember, no matter what we are doing. A Danish writer, speaking of Bloch said, "He dipped his paintbrush in his heart." I loved the imagery created by this statement, but it meant a lot more on the heals of Blochs quotation. It was easy to see what was in Bloch's heart.
2 - The Tuesday before Christmas we woke up to about 9 inches of snow. Brian and I went to the temple and by the time we got home there were a couple of more inches. Brian and the kids played outside. I took my usual position (on the porch with the camera.)

3 - (No pictures of this) - Brian hurt his hand. Instacare cleaned it all up nice, bandaged it and said to keep the bandages on for a week. Needless to say we were glad that Christmas projects were done. The week between Christmas and New Years' was a challenge and not much sleep was had, especially by Brian, but we made it through and things are looking better and better (not that I have looked at it).

4 - Wii, Wii and more Wii - Between Sports Resort, MarioKart and High School Musical Dancing and singing everyone could find something they really loved playing. (mom likes Wii Fit Plus best, but we don't have pictures of that.)
MarioKart Wiiiiiiiiiiiii
Nathan and Mike like Swordplay Showdown
HSM Sing It - Liz is pretty good!
Luckily there is a game with a dog for Megan. She doesn't really care about the Frisbee part.

5 - Family - We enjoyed two weekends in a row with Chantry family. It was fun to see grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We wish we could have seen members of the Call side of the family, but that will come this summer!

This week was back to school for the big kids. Megan goes back Monday. She and I have been having fun. She helped me bake pumpkin bread for scouts yesterday and today we have been been learning a little about reading. She has been so much fun! I still can't believe how grown up she is.

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