Monday, May 9, 2011

BYU Baseball

Brian got an email in March offering free season tickets for BYU baseball. We thought it would be great to get the tickets and to spend a few evenings out in the beautiful spring weather watching some baseball. Well, thanks to our crazy Utah spring every game in April was rainy or snowy. But we finally made it to a game on Friday evening and we had a great time.
The kids before teh game. They got more excited once we actually saw people playing baseball.
Megan counting the seats in our row while we waited for the game to start.
Mike, Nathan and Liz watching the players warm up.

With every hit the boys would watch intently to see if it would go over the fence.
We saw a few home runs.
Hooray for home runs!
Liz and Megan weren't really into the whole baseball thing. (it is hard to follow when you can't see the ball.) But they had a great time anyway. Liz was so cute and would dance around to the fun songs they played between innings and they laughed at the funny sound effects when the players hit foul balls.
I just love this picture of Nathan. He is a pretty intense kid.

It was a beautiful night for baseball!
Oh, yeah, BYU won 13-3!

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Ashlie Grow said...

that is one of my favorite things... nice weather, baseball, kids, the sun going down and the field lights coming on :-)
.... looks like it was a fun evening!!