Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dry Canyon Hike

So, I really don't love hiking. But I want to love hiking. I figure the best way to love it is to keep doing it. Right now I am in the tolerate stage. I tolerate a hike, but when I have completed it I am ALWAYS glad I did it.

Anyway, Brian is such a sport and yesterday evening we went hiking. The kids are with their Grandma and Grandpa and so we could just go on our schedule. We went up to the Dry Canyon Trail Head and went on a hike I took my webelos scouts on a few weeks ago.

This is part way up, looking back towards where we came from. There are a few really sttep parts near the start of the trail, and just when I thought it would level out again there was another steep stretch, but we made it.
The trail curved around, and this is looking back at Timp. We wanted to do that hike today, but it is still covered in too much snow. Maybe next year.
These aren't great pictures, but this was our destination. There is a bit of a clearing where someone has made a shelter out of old logs and branches. There is a fire pit. (The 10-13 year old boys thought this was pretty cool when we were here before. It wasn't quite as thrilling for Brian.)

There were a few spots on the hike that gave us an amazing view of the valley. This picture does not do it justice. I wish I was better at picking out landmarks from up high..
We saw a deer on the way up, and again on teh way back. We are not sure if it is the same one, but we got a really good shot of it on the way back. It looked right at us. I could kind of see it at the time, but I love pictures because it helps me get a better idea of what Brian (or others) could see. I love the zoom lens for my camera!

OK, so I guess I don't just tolerate hiking. I do enjoy it, especially when I am with Brian and when we can just go at our own pace. It is wonderful to enjoy a bit of nature just a few minutes from our home.

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