Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with the candlestick

So a big 'Thank you!" to my brother and his wife who sent this for Christmas.
It has become a family favorite in the short time it has been in our house! We have played lots and everyone really gets into it. There have been lots of discussions about strategy, lessons on logic and not giving away extra information with the things you say during a game, and lots of little silly moments too.

For example, the other night we were playing. Everyone was playing except Megan and by chance all six pieces for the game ended up in the ball room at the same time. Brian was arranging the pieces as someone made heir suggestion. All of the sudden he chants, "Peel the banana!" and starts moving the pieces around. what he had done was make the six pieces copy the Virginia Reel that Nathan and the fourth grade had performed. "Peel the Banana" is one of the square dance calls that made the kids laugh extra hard. The kids thought dad was so funny and helped him dance the other pieces around the ball room. Then we got back to the game.

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