Saturday, October 13, 2012


I have done a ton of crafting over the last few weeks, mostly sewing but I also did some fun stuff with vinyl and tiles.  I wish I could take pictures and post them all, but most of the crafts are for gifts, so I don't want to give anything away. Here is what I have done.

I made Michael a red vest for his scouting patches for part of his Christmas. He has been saying he needs one like Nathan's, and so he will be thrilled. This is the greatest project because it is so simple; three pieces of fabric and four short seams. I made Nathan a wooden plaque with the scout law on it in vinyl. It turned out so well and I know he will love it too.

I made tiles with vinyl lettering and pictures. All of the words come from the Young Women's theme and I also did one with a torch and with a temple. Gold vinyl on white tile for all of them. I love how they turned out. This is for a YW Evening of Excellence next month.

I made little gifts for a young niece and nephew. They are the same project, but one is definitely for a little boy and the other is quite girly. I think that they will be enjoyed. (My even younger nephew gets a little store bought present. I don't think he will mind either.)

I made three similar gifts for other nieces on the other side of our family. (I also have an older nephew on this side of the family. I will be making him a scout vest like Mike's so it will be very easy.)

I made gifts for my mother-in-law and a good friend who both celebrate birthdays next month.

I made Liz a Halloween costume; a pleated red, white and blue skirt and a (store bought) blue leotard to which I added stripes and a star. To be honest, this was one I kind of dreaded, but it all worked out well in the end.

I made a small quilt for Liz as part of her Christmas. It is about 20 inches square but it made up of lots of little squares so it took a long time. I still have one left to make for Megan. I like these because the fabrics are from the same line and so the patterns I chose are the same for each quilt, they just use different color combinations. Like the boys, I think the girls will be thrilled with these.

I helped Liz make a quilt with a rocket on it for a school project. She was thrilled with the idea of doing a quilt. We found some cute blue fabric with starts and cut out the shapes of the rocket. Then she stitched around the shapes to attach them to the quilt. I stitched her name on the rocket and once the batting and backing were pinned to the quilt top she added swirls around the rocket. It turned out really cute.

I LOVE crafting, but I think it is about time to put my machine away for a little while.

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Ashlie Grow said...

it all sounds really great! nice work! :-)