Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday was Liz's goalball tournament. She has been practicing each week since mid-January and she was really looking forward to the tournament. I missed the tournament last year and so I was excited to watch her play. I was excited to have a better understanding of the game and see real games played. Liz was on a team with two boys. A third boy (who is unable to play because of health concerns) acted as assistant coach. It was a treat to see these great kids interact. 

Here is a clip from the first game that they played. Remember that all of these kids are wearing eye shades and can't see anything. I think was the first goal that Liz scored. She scored three in the first game and lots more throughout the day.

I like this video because she has several good blocks and a couple of good throws. 

Liz was not a fan of playing center; she gets so nervous, but she did great.  (For those who don't know much about goalball, the white lines aren't just tape. The tape holds string down along all of the lines on the court. The string is raised enough so the players know where they are at on the court.

 Rolling the ball. Her throws have gotten harder and faster in just the last couple of months.
 One thing I love about goal ball is that it is a quiet game. The players can talk to each other, but the crowd, and even the coaches have to be silent during the game. When a goal is scored or when a penalty shot is blocked there is a short time to cheer, and the coaches can talk to the players during times out, but other than that quiet is required. It makes sense, of course, because they are relying on what they hear to know where to block the ball, but it is so different than any other sporting event I have been to.

 Liz's team - They worked really well together, even though they have never practiced together. I enjoyed meeting these kids. I have seen them from time to time at other activities, but never had too much of a chance to interact. I also enjoyed meeting their parents.
  They earned second place. They only lost two games, and they were both to the same team.
Next year Liz will play with the junior high and high school kids. We are already planning on getting some pads and protective gear. It gets a little more intense. :-)

 Megan wasn't quite ready to play in the tournament with lots of bigger kids, but she enjoyed practicing each week and was excited to get a t-shirt as well. Aren't they cute?


Rich and Kim said...

Very cool! Yes, they are cute:)

Bethany said...

That is so awesome! After talking to you about this, it was fun to read your post and learn more about it. Way to go, Liz!