Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pioneer Trek

We had our post-trek activity last week. It is always sad to see something this amazing come to an end. Everyone loved the big long video. It reminded us all of the fun, hard and amazing experiences we had. It made us laugh, and it made us cry. Hopefully the memories stay fresh in our minds for a long time. 

Here are a few more pictures of us on trek.

I loves this one. It looks like Liz is really laughing. I wish I knew why. I also like how filthy everyone is looking by this point.
I am so grateful for this picture. It is neat to me how the Lord puts people in our paths, and even when you know them for a short time, they impact your life in such a big way.

The other day I put on some sneakers I wore during parts of trek. They are stained by the reddish dirt that we walked through, and that color will never go away. As I was walking I thought of how my heart has been forever marked by the events of trek. I hope that the thoughts, feelings and lessons of trek never fade.

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