Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fingerpaint, kites and spring (?) break

So we had a nice spring break, once we got past the dentist on Monday. Wednesday the kids and I headed up to Ogden. The weather was quite chilly, but we found enough sun in the afternoons to go out and play. Sue had bought fingerpaints, so one morning we wrapped aprons around everyone and went to it. The kids enjoyed it so much and it was fun to watch what they did. Sue had bought little plastic trophies at the dollar store (four to a pack, how convenient!) and we had an art show with awards that night. Meg got the most colorful, Michael got the squiggliest, Liz got the prettiest princess and Nathan got the most preshistoric for his assortment of colorful dinos. They were all pretty tickled by it.

Saturday we went to fly kites. The wind was a little gusty (check out MEg's hair in one of the pictures below) but the purpose of having fun was met, The kids enjoyed flying their kites, and we stayed patient when we had to untangle strings.

Spring is still playing jokes on us, but we hope it will be a bit more consistent soon.

I just thought this picture of MEgan trotting through the field was too cute.

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