Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My magic cards . . and one more

My friend saw this pattern for really neat magic cards. The image goes from black and whit eto color when you pull the panel up. We set aside one morning and worked despite fussy children, and the results were so funny. My first one was the purple and pink one. So today I tried again and was thrilled by the results. It is a card for my mom's birthday in a week and a half. After the first card I thought it was too much of an ordeal, but it gets easier every time you make it.


Melissa said...

How on earth do you DO that?!
What awesome cards! Share your secret!!! I want to make some!!
m estes

Ashley said...

Wow, you will have to teach me how to do those cards! but i probably dont even have the stuff for it. But I love the balloon card! I have all the stuff for that one! LOVE IT!

Jen Lee said...

You are so incredibly talented! Those are awesome!