Saturday, January 3, 2009

Three Days of Disney

The week after Christmas we went to Disneyland with Brian's entire family. What a treat! We had three days in the park and were able to do everything we really hoped to do and more. The kids did great despite large crowds and long lines. The memories will last a life time.
The whole lot of us. It was such a great trip, and a great time to make memories with Grandpa, grandma, aunts and uncles. They were all so great about holding hands and sharing rides.
Me, Liz and Meg with Snow White. We also saw Mulan and Sleeping Beauty.
Michael enjoying a ride on the Disneyland RR. He could stay on it forever, and we did take a couple trips around the entire park.
Dad and Nathan tackled the Materhorn together.
Megan really enjoyed "It's a Small world"

Our family on the first day.  

MEgan couldn't stop smiling on the Carousel.
Disney snow is pretty magical stuff.
Nathan conquered Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones and all of the big rides he could find.

Michael couldn't get enough of Buzz's Astroblaster ride.

We had a great time! Now I just need to figure out how to scrapbook it all!

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Michelle said...

I like that you posted different pictures on this one. Astroblaster is wicked fun! Snow White is beautiful and Nathan is a brave kid to ride all the rollercoasters.