Sunday, August 30, 2009

School has begun

Well, I am officially of the mother of three school aged kids; a third grader, a second grader and a kindergartener. I always get a little grin when people ask how it is to have just one at home in the mornings because the house is so quiet and Megan is so much fun (Megan is enjoying it a lot too) but in all seriousness I LOVE THIS STAGE! I loved when my kids were little, watching them grow, learn knew things and surprise me every day by what they were doing.

Well, this stage is just as grand and wonderful, even if it is challenging in so many different ways. I LOVE my kids' enthusiasm for learning. I LOVE that they love school. I love how I can tell how their day went the instant I see them climb off the bus. I love that I have a daughter who faces challenges relating to her vision, but does not see them as challenges. It is part of life and she adapts without worry or complaint. I love that I have a son who is learning to feel promptings from a Father above who loves him and cares about his life (and his lunchbox). I love that I have a son who has no problem heading off to kindergarten, but loves to cuddle with me and tell me all about his day when he gets home. My children are amazing and wonderful people. They are full of wondrous thoughts and ideas. I know that none of this is really eloquent, but I have been thinking about how my kids are really great and I feel so blessed.

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Ashlie Grow said...

hey jen! i found your blog on casey thills blog, yeah!