Saturday, September 5, 2009

Me and My Meg

I blogged about the kids going to school, so here is a little piece of what MEgan and I have done to enjoy our time together.

My friend and I took Meg and her little girl to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, first the main garden and then the Children's Garden. It is no surprise that I had my camera along for the adventure. What a fun time we had kicking of the school year and celebrating the fact that she and I only have two little ones at home.
My cute girl
This one is a nice shot of the giant bruise on her cheek that she got from losing her balance while spinning and falling into the rocking chair
Megan liked this sculpture

Playing in teh Noah's Ark fountain at the Children's Garden

Leading us through the maze of hedges, she got us out of the maze, no problem!

I enjoyed this morning so much. I am enjoying my time with Megan and it is fun to see her enjoy her first chance of "Megan time" which she hasn't really ever had.


Thill family said...

I am glad you guys are having so much fun together. I have been finding that it has been much harder having just one home than all of them.

denise said...

jenny, i love the pictures of your sweet family. Thank you for doing such a great job and being an awesome example. Love you, aunt denise.