Monday, May 17, 2010

Mike's birthday

Mike is six and what an exciting few days it has been. On Thursday Brian's parents came and took him to dinner at Sizzler. Who knew how exciting that could be! He had a great time and loved telling mom all about it. Saturday we had his birthday party with family. Mom made him a very red fire engine cake. He couldn't stop smiling.
Grandma Chantry, Aunt Jenalee and cousin Chloe came down from Ogden, and great-grandparents living in Orem came too. It was so fun watching how excited he got about everything.

Here is a video of him opening stuff from Jenalee and Grandma and Grandpa Chantry.

Now using the fun toys they gave him.

Yesterday Mike was sung to in Primary and he chose bacon and French toast for dinner. Yum! The candle we put in his French toast melted, but it all worked out in the end. Today capped things off as I went to his kindergarten class. We showed a poster of pictures of Mike and then read a story and handed out tootsie pops. He had lunch with his best friend who had a cool present for him. What a great birthday week he has had!

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