Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Week: Part 5

We had our final birthday celebration with Jen's mom and dad the evening that they arrived. The girls were so excited to finaly unveil the surprises they had been waiting for.

Liz was up first!
She loved the canvas and palette for when she paints. They will be put to good use.
She is obviously excited about something at the bottom of the bag.
She recognized the American girl box immediately (though it is hard to miss).
She loved the little socks for Molly.
You can't really get a good look at the dress, but it is a light green with white polka dots and is so cute!
Megan was up next, and she was at her cheesiest when it came to smiling!
The smiles were a little more natural once she actually started opening the present.
She just kept saying, "A horse, it's a horse, it's a horse.)
I wanted a picture of her with her horse, but she couldn't take her eyes off of it. I think this picture shows her excitement really well.
She loves making the gate and helping her horse jump over it. It is so cute to watch her play with it. It is even cuter to watch her haul it around the house.
We finished the evening with very professional looking cupcakes (If I do say so myself). Purple is Liz's favorite color and green is Megan's.
Birthday week was finished when Dad taught us to play our new game, Pandemic. I am hooked!


Ashlie Grow said...

this post made me really want to have a girl!! I remember dreaming about having an american girl doll when I was little... what a lucky girl :-)

Michelle said...

We love Pandemic! We'll have to play it sometime!