Sunday, October 16, 2011

F is for fall, fun, family, five and fantastic

We had a fantastic day yesterday! As part of my personal goals to complete Wood Badge I had to do a five mile hike with a map and compass. We loaded the entire family up and went hiking at Big Springs (just past South fork, up Provo Canyon). We enjoyed a beautiful, clear fall day. There were many gorgeous views throughout the hike. We planned about five or six hours, knowing that many of our participants have little legs. The kids did great and we finished in 3 horus and fifteen minutes. There were some very steep parts, but many pleasantly easy portions of the trail as well. Despite the challenges I think we all had a lot of fun!

Here are a couple of the views we saw on our hike. I love the snow capped peak behind the slope of many colors.

Mike loved following my map.

Liz counted the many colors of leaves that she saw.

Nathan had his compass too. He even learned a bit how to use it.

Megan had a turn with the map too. She was so proud and she did great. She really is a trooper.

And here is proof that I was on the hike. It really was a great day.

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