Friday, January 4, 2013

Some Winter Fun

 Brian's Mom planned a sleigh ride for any of the family who could come. It was scheduled for the day after Christmas and we crossed our fingers that there would be snow. Turns out we didn't need to worry. With a large storm right before Christmas there was plenty, and then we woke up to falling snow the day after Christmas. The snow kept falling all that day and it made our sleigh ride so magical.
 Megan couldn't get enough of the dogs running around as as we got ready for the sleigh ride. She wanted them near her the whole time and didn't seem to mind that the young golden one thought her earmuffs were a chew toy.  :-)
 We all enjoyed the sleigh ride. It was fun to watch the kids laugh and talk and enjoy it all.

OUr first stop was to drop hay off for the elk to eat. They are amazing animals to see close up.

 We stopped at the half way point to enjoy the view. Nathan moved to the front of the sleigh and got to call to the horses when it was time to get moving agin.
 After some cocoa to warm up we said goodbye to the horses.
Then the farmer gave each of the kids a turn to sit on the horses. Megan didn't hesitate, and she was sure in heaven.

 Even Mike was willing to give it a try. Way to go Mike!
 Liz and cousin Chloe
What a great adventure. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for planning it!

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suechantry said...

It was so fun! Thanks for sharing photos! I didn't get any of the kids on the horses, so it was fun to see them! It was such a great day! Thanks for going.....