Monday, November 24, 2014

Something I am grateful for . . .

In Nature
  Dad and Girls: Animals (Megan)
  Mom and Boys: Delicate Arch

that makes a beautiful sound
  Dad and Girls: Flute (Liz)
  Mom and Boys: Violin (Nathan)

that tastes good
  Dad and Girls: Chocolate milk
  Mom and Boys: bacon

that smells amazing
  Dad and Girls: vanilla
  Mom and Boys: cinnamon

That has been hard for me
  Megan: goalball ("It is fun, but sometimes it hurts.")
  Michael: allergies ("I have learned things because of them.")
  Nathan: Jumping off the diving board for the first time ("I was so scared to jump off hte diving board for the first time, but once I did I had so much fun in the pool.")
  Liz: goalball and school
  Mom: vision ("As hard as it is sometimes, we have received many blessings; a closer family and we have been blessed by the service of others." The best part of sharing this though was when Liz said, "I didn't even think of that." This is just another example of how she faces challenges with optimism and joy. Something that is a definite challenge doesn't feel hard to her because of her attitude towards it.)
  Dad: callings ("They can be hard, but they help us learn and give us the opportunity to serve.")

that I would like to share with others
  Dad and Girls: The Gospel
  Mom and Boys: The Gospel

that is older than me
  Dad and Girls: Parents (Family for Megan because she is the youngest)
  Mom and Boys: parents

that I recently discovered or learned
  Dad and Girls: math (Liz learned to make cool designs based on math principles)
  Mom and Boys: math (Nathan learned things that he can easily apply to his every day life), American History (Mike loves what he is learning about the founding of our country.

that shows a vibrant color
  Dad and Girls: the sky, the sunset
  Mom and Boys: Christmas lights

that has words on it
  Dad and Girls: scriptures
  Mom and Boys: books, scriptures

that makes me feel strong
  Dad and Girls: Adrenaline
  Mom and Boys: The Holy Ghost (what a powerful response from Nathan.)

that makes me laugh
  Dad and Girls: Dad
  Mom and Boys: Dad (all kids, in both groups, said this without hesitation)

that makes me cry
  Dad and Girls: Our Savior (Megan says that she cries when she thinks about Jesus dying on the cross for us.)
  Mom and Boys: hymns

that represents my country or culture
  Dad and Girls: flag
  Mom and Boys: "Old Glory" (Mike wanted to make sure it was in quotation marks.)

that is someone I love
  Dad and Girls: grandparents
  Mom and Boys: Jesus Christ

It was a wonderful opportunity to take time to think about what we are grateful for. I love how the list include the big, important things, and it also included the little everyday things that bring us joy. It was special to have some insight into the kids thoughts too.

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