Monday, September 28, 2015

a special memory

My Grandma has been sick for about a month. She started out in the hospital, and after a few days was moved to a rehab place, where she will stay until she is well enough for her new home in an assisted living facility. She has had lots of up and downs in the rehab place. There were times we thought she was close to death, and then she has shown good improvement. I have been able to visit her frequently (a couple of times a week at least) over the last several weeks. It has been such a blessing. I have some sweet memories of this time with my grandma, and I have seen my Grandma's sweet and wonderful spirit shine through even when she physically is having a hard time.

Brian has been able to give Grandma two blessings. Both were wonderful! I will cherish those moments when heaven felt very close.

But the main memory I want to record here took place this Sunday evening. We took the kids to see Grandma. My mom was there as well. Nathan brought his violin and played "I am a Child of God" and a couple of other hymns for us, as well as a piece of "Ashokan Farewell". I watched as Grandma's foot bounced to the rhythm of the songs. We talked with Grandma for a little bit. As it was nearing time to leave Mom asked if we could sing and pray with Grandma. We sang "I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me" and then Grandma invited Brian to say our family prayer. It was a wonderful evening.

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