Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bunk beds

So today was the long awaited day when we go the bunkbeds for the girls' room. They have been on teh floor for about a week, but didn't seem to mind. HEre are some pictures of the girls in their beds. We took the closet door off for obvious reasons. Jen stamped on an old white sheet, hemmed it and trimmed it with some leftover from Liz's old bedskirt (another piece of it is used as the window valence). It will be fun to get the rest of the room set over the next couple of days. We will use under the bed for some storage and have a few other ideas in mind. It is just fun.

Jen also used some pieces of the bedskirt that came with Nathan's bed set to cover a throw pillow for Michael (once again, some of it was used for a valence) and she used a pillow sham to cover a throw pillow for Nathan. The throw pillows matched the first couch we ever bought, but have become quite threadbare, so they were perfect for this project.The boys love their new pillows too, and they don't feel left out of the fun bedroom changes quite as much.

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Richins Family said...

Very cute! You did an awesome job!