Thursday, July 3, 2008

More vacation pics - Range Pond

Here are a few more picture from our vacation to Maine. I took over nine hundred (and that was after duplicates had been deleted) so it is hard to narrow them down. These are from our morning at the beach. We had a fun time playing in the sand and water and kayaking. Each of the kids got to go out in the kayak with dad and everyone enjoyed it a great deal. Liz enjoyed building sand castles, Michael enjoyed digging a big hole, and nathan just liked being as far out in the water as we would let him go. The rule was that the water couldn't go any higher than his swimsuit, but then he would bend down and cover his shoulders. HE loved when he got to go out a little deeper wtih Uncle Rich. MEgan had a ball playing in everything and the buckets, shovels and diggers from Grandma were perfect.

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Jen Lee said...

900 pictures~ that is impressive!